Customer Handbook



The Crescent Management Team welcomes you to an environment of unparalleled quality, convenience, luxury and efficiency.  The Crescent’s goal is to provide the highest standard of customer service to you, the customer.

No portion of this handbook is intended to be interpreted as a legal document or to be represented as such. Nor do any provisions herein supersede any prevision or subsequent contractual agreements between landlord and customer.  Furthermore, The Crescent Management Office reserves the right to revise, update, amend, alter or rescind any or all of the regulations in this publication on such occasions as the Management deems necessary to assure the safety, protection and well-being of the building property and customers. 


Emergency Information

Emergency - 911

The Crescent Management Office - 214.880.4500

Security Control Center - 214.880.4550

Parking Garage Management - 214.871.3686