Available Space

Set in a crescent-shaped contour, The Crescent® is designed to allow customers to travel from building to building while remaining within a unified complex. The three towers are contiguous and offer a standard 22,000 square foot floor plan with an elevator core in each tower, a “floor” can be 22,000, 44,000 or 66,000 square feet.

This allows customers to expand vertically, as in traditional buildings, or horizontally, using each building as a 22,000 square foot module.  Standard bay depths are 43-44 feet from the outside wall to the interior core. The planning module is 10 feet allowing floors to be arranged to accommodate offices up to 20 feet deep. Finished ceiling heights are 9 feet on floors 2 through 15, and 12 feet on floors 16 through 19.  The ground floor has a 12-foot finished ceiling. 

Building 100      
Floor      Suite                  RSF                   Floor Plan     
2nd  Suite 210  1,402 Floor Plan
2nd Suite 250  3,956 Floor Plan
5th Suite 500    
16th Suite 1620    
18th Suite 1850  3,374 Floor Plan
Building 200      
 11th  Suite 1175    
Building 300      
8th Suite 840    
8th Suite 880 2,314  Floor Plan
9th Suite 920    
17th Suite 1700 20,662  Floor Plan
18th Suite 1800 16,998  Floor Plan
Building 500      
1st Suite 138 5,615 Floor Plan
1st  Suite 154 12,627 Floor Plan 
3rd Suite 300 32,445 Floor Plan


The Crescent® Brochure

The Crescent® Telecommunications Brochure

For leasing information, please contact:
Tony Click  214.880.4766



  • 1,200 SF to 32,000+ SF
  • 32,000 SF contiguous available

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