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Urban Beekeeping Company Alvéole Creates buzz on World Bee Day with introduction of beehives at Uptown’s McKinney & Olive, The Crescent®, 2401 Cedar Springs and Addison’s Greenhill Towers

DALLAS, May 20, 2020 – Crescent Property Services LLC (Crescent) creates a buzz on World Bee Day by adding urban beekeeping to its customer service profile at four Dallas commercial office buildings. Crescent is the first commercial real estate company to partner in Dallas with Alvéole, an international urban beekeeping company. Alvéole introduces its first Dallas installation of beehives at McKinney & Olive, The Crescent® and 2401 Cedar Springs in Uptown Dallas, and Greenhill Towers, located in Addison, the heart of North Dallas.

Crescent’s beehives project addresses declining populations of urban pollinators, honey bees. Alvéole has partnered with more than 500 companies in North America to install beehives on urban properties to create ecological awareness of bees. Alvéole has assigned a beekeeping team manager at Crescent-managed commercial buildings to provide educational and awareness workshops for customers, along with other bee related events for customers, including harvesting honey once a year from honey-comb hives.

At McKinney & Olive, beehives will be visible to customers from conference room windows. Beehives at The Crescent® are located on the northernmost point of the property at the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Maple Avenue, while beehives at 2401 Cedar Springs are on the building’s roof. Greenhill Towers’ beehives are on the top level of the parking garage. Customers of all four buildings will be provided opportunities to view bees while participating in activities and learning the value of bees.

“Partnering with Alvéole to add beehives is consistent with Crescent’s eco-conscious, natural setting for our buildings.” said John Zogg, Managing Director of Crescent. “With pollinator populations of bees declining around the world, Crescent seizes this opportunity to create a local honey bee population and educate customers about bees and the flora and fauna that surround our properties in Uptown and North Dallas.”
Bees are responsible for the pollination of more than 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables around the globe, according to Alvéole. The urban beekeeping company noted that honey bees’ daily quest is to bring nectar, pollen, resin or water to their colony to ensure its development. Honey bees are not motivated to sting. They have one goal, and one goal only: to collect nectar and pollen from flowers within a 3-mile radius of their hive and bring it back to ensure the colony’s development. Bees die when they use their sting. It causes them to lose their stinger and a part of their abdomen - meaning they really have no interest in doing so, unless they feel their colony is threatened.

McKinney & Olive and The Crescent® are owned by institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Greenhill Towers is owned by Codina Partners. Crescent manages all four properties.